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.amara hollow bones.

amara bronwyn maceachern

Amara Hollow Bones is a queer mixed media textile artist and tattoo artist of Scottish Irish Welsh and Cornish descent based in canadian-occupied Attawandaron, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Lenaape territories of the Great Lakes and the Karuk, Konomihu, Yurok territories of the Klamath River in California, with many travels in between. Amara’s work is borne from an intimacy with the earth and place—the mountains, rivers, streams, and forests through the seasons, reflecting the quiet magic alive everywhere. They are expressions of coming from legacies of witch burnings, colonization and displacement; telling stories of healing of trauma, ancestry, self and community through the return to earth: of the still thriving beautiful forests, of the wounded places that no longer exist in the ways they were once known, and of the resilience of the in-between. They are spells, songs, stories and prayers for our return to wildness, as we heal the connection to our instincts, our bodies, sexuality, and our magic-- illuminating our ever-present connection with the cycles of the earth, our bodies and the moon.

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