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As a self-taught queer tattoo artist witch who has been tattooing for the last 15 years, Amara brings the earthy, raw, dark-mixed-with-sparse fine-linework, expressive, magical realism of their drawing style to the skin. Amara will lovingly, confidently and skillfully tattoo people of all skin colours and skin types, all body types, ages, and genders. Projects involving covering up, working with/integrating scars and skin differences, and covering up old tattoos will be honoured and embraced with sensitivity. Working with themes of earth-based magic through botanical imagery, birds, animals, moons, stars, mountains and landscapes, we collaborate to bring meaningful, personal and culturally-relevant-to-you imagery to life; together crafting these skin spells.


Amara is dedicated to creating a liberated space for folks to feel empowered, embodied and supported to get as deep into the creation of their tattoos as they want to take it. Working with a fine-hand and dedicated to holding a trauma-informed and accessible safe(r) space for meaningful and personal imagery to emerge and come into being on your skin. Amara works on a sliding-scale and creates a supportive and consensual space that exists counter to the misogynist-dude-dominated vibe so pervasive in modern tattoo culture. Amara brings all elements of their life and passions into this work: botany, plant magic and plant medicines, somatic experiencing (trauma resolution) training, anarchic witchcraft, and queer magic.

based in attawandaron, anishnaabe, haudenosaunee, lenape territories in london, ontario with travels around turtle island-- upcoming trips and guest spots T.B.A


for booking info or to be added to my list when i come to your area please contact:

for upcoming locations, to see new work and updates please follow me on instagram @amarahollowbones

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